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A beginners guide to the most rocking social media tools

By Toothless Tiger

Wanna take your first Social Media steps with your favorite digital rockers ?

This is our first beginners guide to the most rocking social media tools. We hope you will enjoy it as much as we have enjoyed making it=)
This guide goes through the basic functionalities of Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Linkedin, Google + and Quora.


Optimize your crisis management

By Toothless Tiger

This is an online class wherein our chief strategist and founder Henriette Weber will teach you about crisis management. The online class is taking place on thursday the 28th of june at 2 pm CET for the english version if you're not available at that time - no worries the class will be recorded and send to you afterwards.


Rock your identity

By Henriette Weber

Henriette Weber's free lecture about rocking your identity on the social web.

It contains one of the tools she's been using in her strategic work surrounding the social web for ages. A selfdeveloped tool called the social media value chain.

A model that will ensure that you don't miss anything when you work with your identity on the social web strategically.


Tendency 2012

By Henriette Weber

Toothless Tigers bid on the tendencies in digital business for 2012.


The art of not-doing

By Flemming Funch

A somewhat mystical call to get over ourselves and be real. An
indirect introduction to group dialogue.


the involvement manifesto

By Henriette Weber

A manifesto made from the key points of Henriette Webers danish book "return on involvement". It can be ordered in danish on She is currently typing away on the english version.


the preconditions for viral effects on the social web

By Henriette Weber

My playful and simplified infogram about the viral effects on the social web made for Toothless Tiger


Why every company should be a rock band

By Henriette Weber

This eBook sprung from a talk I did at shift 08, Lisbon, Portugal in October. It deals with leadership, social business development, marketing and branding.

It draws parallels between rockbands and businesses and between rockstars and employees.

The current version of the eBook is version 3.00